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Competitors for Kids GPS Watches


Competitors for Kids GPS Watches

It can be a heart-stopping question for parents: “Where is my child?” In parks, at beaches or in any public setting, your kid can wander out of view in an instant.
But technology can provide some peace of mind in the form of a lightweight GPS tracker that can last a day or two on a charge, and offers frequent and reliable updates on your child’s whereabouts.

Some of these trackers are watches, some are meant to blend in with your child’s backpack and work in the background, and some even give you the power to detect possible danger in your child’s vicinity.


The main players in this market are :


In terms of PRICING – of course none of them can compare to WATCHKI.
Our price is only $39.99 – their price is more than triple if you add the tax & shipping.

But their monthly plans are also a lot more expensive so it’s not just the watch but you pay more every month.

Now , in terms of features – some have a nicer looking app and a touch screen , which really does not add much value.
What’s important is that the kids will love the watch – and no kids would love any of those watches , because they are BULKY and HEAVY.
Watchki is by far the smallest and lightest watch of them all – and that’s mainly due to the innovative design of separating the charging unit from the watch itself , which basically took 1/3 of it out.
Why do the kids need to carry a watch with charging when they only charge at home ? – it makes no sense.

Watchki has a charger that clips on to the back of it – where the 4 dots are – and charge it without any cable actually attached to the watch.

Look at the newest competition : Hereo  – look how BULKY their watch is on the kids hand. It’s HUGE !
No kids will wear it more than a day… even the belt is bulky – and the watch weighs a ton… it’s going to be tossed into the garbage a day after , because it will just be in the way of kids being kids.
No one wants to carry such a huge watch … especially not active kids. It’s ridiculous and not practical.


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