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Why Watchki is the next big thing in kid GPS watch space?


Why Watchki is the next big thing in kid GPS watch space?

GPS watches are nothing new on the kiddo monitoring zone. But what about a GPS watch that also doubles up as a phone? And also serves as a fitness inspiration? Sounds utopian, right? Well, not any more. The new advanced Watchki has arrived with all these cutting-edge features that we discussed above. Yes. it’s a kid gps watch but also much more. Precisely, Watchki is the next big thing in the kid GPS watch zone and for all the right reasons.

You must be curious to know more about the Watchki wonder? Well, here are the key pointers that will prove why every smart parent today swears by Watchki-

Most precise tracking with history

This is the surely one of the best reasons to get Watchki for your little one today.

The latest GPS watch is backed by advanced real-time location monitoring capacity. Unlike many regular counterparts, Watchki watches are able to provide you the most precise tracking record of your kid. Thus, no matter how far you are from your little one, you will always be updated about his or her exact location any time.

Moreover, Watchki also keeps history of tracking. Thus, not only you will get to know about the current location but also where your kiddo was 2 hours back.

Doubles up as phone

The Watchki GPS watches can even double up as phones. They are easy to use with kid-friendly features so that the little users can make calls easily during emergencies. Watchki allows users to set parents’ numbers as “Dad” or “Mom” numbers. This way, kids can find the most needed numbers on the watch in an instant.

The watch allows 2-way communication with simple operation. Long press on a contact number will help the kid to make a call. Parents can also call their kids and it just takes one light press on the incoming number to receive the call.

SOS alarm and call

The watch carries a state of the art SOS feature for immediate help for the kids during emergencies. You can store 3 numbers under SOS alerts. The first two could be for mom & dad and the third for police. In times of danger of crisis, the child will just need to press the SOS button on which the watch will make automatic calls (by turns) to programmed numbers.

Blocks unknown numbers

One of the best parts of Watchki is that it eliminates any risk of harassment from unknown numbers. The device will immediately block any call coming from unknown number- the number that is not mentioned on family list.

Smallest GPS watch

No more burdening the little tender wrists with heavy timepieces. Watchki has come up with smallest GPS watch ever. It’s lightweight and sits like a breeze on the tiny wrists. Your little queen will love to flaunt them.

Inspiration for fitness

Watchki is also engineered to count the steps taken by the user. It helps your little one to walk more and keep his or her fitness on track.

Last but not the least, Watchki GPS watches are perfectly water resistant.

We couldn’t have asked for more!


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