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No More Amber Alerts – All Kids needs a GPS Watch !


No More Amber Alerts – All Kids needs a GPS Watch !

If you don’t give your kids a Watchki – GPS Watch , you need to be super careful about their safety whenever they are our of sight.


Tips to Prevent an Abduction from Occurring

Take action if you think the other parent has taken your child.

Get a court order or custody decree: A clear court order may be the most important preventative measure. For example, court orders may include provisions addressing passports, travel restrictions, or custody.

Consult an attorney: We strongly encourage parents to consult with an attorney regarding their particular circumstances, including the possibility of obtaining an order that prohibits the child from traveling outside of the United States.

Be aware of warning signs: Be on the alert for sudden changes in the other parent’s life, such as quitting a job or selling a home, that may be made in preparation to relocate. For more information, click on our Resources for Parents page.

Notify local law enforcement and give them copies of any court orders, including custody, protection, and restraining orders.

Consider contacting a country’s foreign embassy or consulate if your child is or may be a dual national of that country. If one parent is a citizen of another country, for example, your child may have claims to a foreign nationality and therefore be able to obtain a passport from that country. See our FAQs for more information on dual nationality.

Be aware the United States does not have exit controls or require two-parent consent for a minor to travel across international borders. Law enforcement may be unable to prevent an abduction without a valid court order clearly prohibiting the child’s travel outside of the United States.

So how can we keep our kids safe in today’s modern world? No tool or device will keep your kids safe 100 percent of the time, but here are five things you can do to mitigate the risks:

  1. Family talk: Take time to talk to your children about safety and abduction prevention.
  2. ID card: Create and give each child a laminated ID card with his or her name, date of birth, address, phone numbers, etc. on it. If your child is too young to speak for himself or herself, consider writing this information somewhere on his or her clothing in permanent marker.
  3. Child ID kit: Prepare an ID kit for each child in the event that he or she goes missing. The kit should include a physical description, such as nickname, date of birth, height, weight, gender, fingerprints, hair and eye colors; any identifying features, such as glasses, braces, scars, birthmarks and piercings; any medical information, such as conditions, disorders, diseases and medications; and, most important, an up-to-date, high-quality digital photo. Be sure to take your kits with you on trips and vacations.
  4. Emergency hot spots: At a playground, amusement park or any other crowded location, always identify the nearest help and information centers, emergency stations and police posts. Inform your children where to go and what to do in an emergency or if they get lost.
  5. GPS tracking device: GPS tracking devices, like the kidsport GPS band, are developed specifically for kids and allow parents to locate their kids using their smartphones, iPads or computers. The kidsport GPS band features an alert button that sends you an immediate text if your child needs you; a secure latch to prevent unintended removal; a removal alert that texts you when the band is taken off; and a Geo-Fence Boundary Alert that sends you a text if the band crosses a boundary you set.


With Watchki – you can not just see where you kids are – but also track their movement and see what they did the entire month… but wait – there’s more !
You can send them SMS messages – and even CALL them , as Watchki is a full feature phone. It has a speaker and a microphone so your kids can talk to you back just as if they were holding a phone in their hands… Is that James bond cool or what ?

Image result for phone watch from james bond

Why Watchki is the next big thing in kid GPS watch space?




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