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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Watchki knows where my kid is ?

Each Watchki comes equipped with a built-in SIM card & a GPS unit that sends the coordinates by demand to your phone.
With real-time pin-point tracking, breadcrumb trail logging, and smart location alerts, parents can track their children’s whereabouts directly from the our smartphone companion app.

How much do your services cost?

aThe Watchki itself cost about $40 depending on time of year , and the sim card phone service starts at $15.99 – up to $29.99 , depending on the features it has. If you just care about location of your kids – GPS only plan is for you and it’s only $15.99 a month , but if you want to also be able to text and call them to the watch – then we have bigger plans that come with Data & Voice.

Can Watchki make Phone Calls & send Texts to my child?

Yes , it can !
Watchki has a Speaker and a Microphone and is capable of making phone calls. When you order it – it will come with a sim card and a phone number so you can easily call it just like you would a regular cell phone.
Your child will hear it ring and with one button could answer the call.
You do need our VOICE plan to be able to make phone calls.

Is the App Free ?

Yes , the app is always FREE to download , on any device and as many times as you want.

Can I have few Watchkies for several kids ?

aYes , you can control as many Watchkies as you want from the same app.

Why is Watchki better than the other Kids Watches ?

avery good question !
Watchki is better than all other GPS kids watches because it’s the smallest and lightest, so your kid doesn’t mind wearing it.
Other kids watches are too bulky and big – they get damaged much easier and they bother your child as they simply don’t fit their small hand.
Our Watchki is almost half the size as other watches and much lighter in weight so it’s like it’s not there… kids love it !

Why Watchki has no Charging input ? How do you charge it ?

Other kids watches require you to connect a cable to the watch, which makes it harder for kids and also make the watch bigger as it needs to include the charging interface. Watchki is a revolutionary watch – and as such, we took this part out and made the watch smaller and lighter , and simply created a clip-on charging adapter that has the charging cable input. That way it’s much easier for kids to charge the watch as it’s a simple clip adapter – no need to mess with cables that have tiny one-side head , that keeps breaking.

Do you ship to my country?

aYes ,we ship internationally – however, the sim card may not work in your country. You will need to provide your own sim card.
Please contact us to check if it exists in your country before ordering.

Contact Us

please email us at : Support@watchki.com

Or visit our contact page.


All documentation will arrive with the Watchki – but if you somehow didn’t get it or lost it , please email us and we’ll send you a new one.


We have LIVE CHAT support to answer all Pre Sales and Support questions – available 24/7.

Office Hours

8-5pm PST , Mon – Fri

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