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Kids Watches

When a kid becomes capable of moving from one location to another over long distances, it can prove to be a pain in the neck. Such a kid would make multiple movements from one location to another without the knowledge of parents or nannies. It is not desirable to be ignorant of the movements a child is making. Sometimes children may end up in serious...

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If you don't give your kids a Watchki - GPS Watch , you need to be super careful about their safety whenever they are our of sight.   Tips to Prevent an Abduction from Occurring Take action if you think the other parent has taken your child. Get a court order or custody decree: A clear court order may be the most important preventative measure. For example, court orders may include...

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  Watchki.com is now offering a 50% discount on all our Watches - as we strive to help parents protect their kids better. We aim to stop all Amber alerts and protect every child in the US with a GPS Tracking watch that will allow every parent to know exactly where their child is at any given time. Statistics 897 children rescued specifically because of AMBER Alert 45 children have...

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Kid-Friendly Trackers vs Regular Trackers As part of our testing process, we compared generic GPS trackers to ones geared specifically to kids, concluding that kid-friendly trackers are better for keeping tabs on your child. For one, kid-friendly trackers' compact size let them fit neatly in backpacks or on smaller wrists. And many offer features that put parents' minds at ease, like geofencing capabilities and SOS buttons...

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It can be a heart-stopping question for parents: "Where is my child?" In parks, at beaches or in any public setting, your kid can wander out of view in an instant. But technology can provide some peace of mind in the form of a lightweight GPS tracker that can last a day or two on a charge, and offers frequent and reliable updates on your child's...

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