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kids gps watches


GPS or GPRS has revolutionized the manner in which electronic devices are located. It has also increased the safety of people, properties and even land. This explains why it has continued to be among the most popular forms of technology. There is barely any smart phone that does not feature this technology. This also applies to the smart watches that are available on the market...

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Watchki has really no competition when it comes to a GPS Watch for kids that actually comes with the Phone Service, working & activated out of the box. In terms of real competition – we really have no one that competes in our price range of either the watch or the monthly service. Everyone else is significantly more expensive than us or have inferior watch that lacks...

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As part of our testing process, we compared generic GPS trackers to ones geared specifically to kids, concluding that kid-friendly trackers are better for keeping tabs on your child. For one, kid-friendly trackers’ compact size let them fit neatly in backpacks or on smaller wrists. And many offer features that put parents’ minds at ease, like geofencing capabilities and SOS buttons that can ping multiple...

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