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Best Kids GPS Watch


Watchki has really no competition when it comes to a GPS Watch for kids that actually comes with the Phone Service, working & activated out of the box.

In terms of real competition – we really have no one that competes in our price range of either the watch or the monthly service.

Everyone else is significantly more expensive than us or have inferior watch that lacks in features ( like Hereofamily.com watch that has only GPS but not texting or calling – which is the main feature kids want and care about ).

But Watchki is not not really in the category of “watches” or “kids watches” or “GPS kids watch” – because we do not sell a “watch” per-say.

We sell a Service… that comes with a GPS phone watch.

Our watches come with the phone service – you can’t buy them without the service , as they can only work with our special integrated sim card.

You cannot use them with AT&T , T-MOBILE or any other phone service provider in the US.
Thus – we are selling a “service”, not a watch.

Our GPS watch is just our approach to a “phone” – as it’s a phone for kids… that doesn’t get lost, as it’s attached to their arm.

But if you look at similar services – that come with a watch and a service – you’ll see there are not many out there – you can  count in 1 hand… and none is a real competition to Watchki.

There’s AT&T & VERIZON – but their watch is huge and 5 times more expensive, and their monthly service is significantly more costly than ours.

So you’re paying more – for an inferior bulky watch – and you’re paying more for the same service. It makes no sense.

Having a “big brand” name for kids makes no difference. Kids don’t care about brands – they care about comfort and size and weight… and being “fun”.

There’s also https://www.hereofamily.com/ – but they are just a scam… they never have any watches in stock, and regardless – their watch cost 4 times more than ours and yet it has NO FEATURES , except the  basic GPS tracking for location.

Their watch cannot do phone calls or send SMS messages like our watch… so it’s basically this huge bulky watch that kids hate – and only does GPS tracking.

Our watch is half the sizehalf the weight – it’s the smallest GPS kids watch in the world… and yet – it does everything than their watch does and a lot lot more.

Our watch is also a phone – kids can make/receive phone calls. And messages. And yet it cost a fraction of their watch.

So as you can see – in the US especially – there is really no competition to Watchki. It’s the #1 GPS kids watch & service..

There’s no competition in price – and not in service – and definitely not in features.

Kids love our watch because its small – not bulky like the rest… and no kid will want to wear a bulky heavy watch that just bothers them and disturb them from playing… from being kids.

Watchki achieved this small size due to a genius revolutionary design of separating the charger unit from the phone; No other watch has that.

And we have tested all the GPS watches out there – including for adults – and we have no doubt that our watch is by far superior, and our service is the most affordable.

Size was critical for us – weight too – as we know kids; we actually tried it on kids , which I’m sure none of the other providers did as they would have known about the “size” issue… kids hate huge watches on their arm ,as it’s heavy and constantly in the way. And because it’s so big – it breaks much easily because it hits stuff in the way of playing… and kids will be kids.

Watchki watches also come activated – and programmed to your phone numbers ( DAD / MOM / SOS ) – so they work out of the box.

No other watch company does that except us – it’s the most hassle free Kids GPS watch you can get, that is also a full feature phone.

There’s a difference between a watch that just let you track your kids location – to a watch that you can actually CALL your kids and talk to them – at any given time.

Our clients love the CALL ability even more than the GPS one…

watchki GPS Kids Watch
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