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Every Parent's Peace Of Mind
The Smartest, Smallest & Lightest GPS Watch for Children
A Lot More Than Just a GPS Watch - Watchki is a Full Feature Phone With Messages & Phone Calls
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Small Watch. Big Features.

Watchki is not just the coolest James Bond Watch your kids always dreamt of , but a real Life Saver !

Your kids would be able to make phone calls, receive phone calls & text messages – while allowing you to always know where they are and track their activity (history log of the map).

You can see where they’ve been for the last week and plan their schedule better.


Going to the Park ? Picking them up from School ? Going to friend’s house ? – No problems ! – with Watchki you can define an invisible fence and get notified the moment they leave that area.
No More Leaving School Unattended !

Watchki Saves Kids Lives !

No More Kids Getting Lost ! No More Kids Getting Kidnapped ! No More Worrying Where They Are. You Owe It To Yourself !

Kids Get Kidnapped In 1 Hour


Reported Missing in 1 Hour


Stranger Abductions


Watches Sold So far...

Best GPS Watch for Kids. Period.

Watchki is the smallest and lightest watch - but it's also the smartest !. It's not just a GPS Watch but also a phone - you can call and text your child at any given time.

If you look around and check all Kids GPS Watches – we’re sure you’ll find more expensive ones ,as the going price is around $199 – while Watchki is only $39.99.
So you must think – they must be better… not necessarily !
Watchki is actually one of the only watches that allow Phone calls & Texts , as well as leaving Voice Messages , so you can send a VM to your child while they are in school and they could hear it when they are out.
The ability to call them at any given time , without giving them an actual phone that they will lose or break , is priceless.

We truly believe so , or else we would not have made it so affordable.

Can Watchki make Phone Calls & send Texts to my child?

Yes , it can !
Watchki has a Speaker and a Microphone and is capable of making phone calls. When you order it – it will come with a sim card and a phone number so you can easily call it just like you would a regular cell phone.
Your child will hear it ring and with one button could answer the call.
You do need our VOICE plan to be able to make phone calls

Why is Watchki better than the other Kids Watches ?

Watchki is better than all other GPS kids watches because it’s the smallest and lightest, so your kid doesn’t mind wearing it.
Other kids watches are too bulky and big – they get damaged much easier and they bother your child as they simply don’t fit their small hand.
Our Watchki is almost half the size as other watches and much lighter in weight so it’s like it’s not there… kids love it !
Not to mention it allows you to make Phone calls – while other watches are just for GPS location…

How much does it cost ?

First of all – do your kids have a price tag ? is their safety something you can put a price on ?? – exactly !

Watchki itself cost about $40 depending on time of year , and the sim card phone service starts at $15.99 – up to $29.99 , depending on the features it has. If you just care about location of your kids – GPS only plan is for you and it’s only $15.99 a month , but if you want to also be able to text and call them to the watch – then we have bigger plans that come with Data & Voice

Because We Care

There is no better satisfaction than knowing that our Watches protect kids & make parents stress free.
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