Not just another smart watch.

Watchki is a real-time location tracking & phone service, via our world’s smallest & smartest GPS tracking watch, designed specifically for kids.

Developed by and for parents, providing them peace of mind for their children’s safety at any given time.

With Watchki you’ll always know where your children are, and be able to call & text them; and more importantly – they’ll be able to easily call you when needed, with just one click of a button.

Smartphone App

Useful features.

Watchki is more than just a GPS Watch as it comes with a smart-phone app full of features.

It has the most accurate tracking system so you always know exactly where your kids are, but it’s also a phone, with easy-kids-friendly capabilities, like programmable favorite numbers to call Dad, Mom and even the police (SOS can be programmed to any number).

Be In Control use our phone app to see their location in a detailed map, monitor their watch battery status so they never run out, their signal strength and more.

Bluetooth for short distance.

Watchki uses GPS for long distance, and can be tracked anywhere in the world via the satellite, but it also has Bluetooth for short distance.

Watchki is bluetooth enabled to allow you to find it when it is lost near by, and you can ring it via the mobile app, as well as find your kids when they are near you, but you still can’t see them…

No more losing them in the Play Ground or School yard !

SMS & Voice messages.

Watchki comes with it’s own phone number, as it’s a real mobile phone; Not only you can call your kids but you can also send them SMS messages, as well as leave them Voice messages; you wouldn’t want to call them in the middle of class, would you ?

Via our smart-phone app it’s as simple as recording a message and sending it over.
They will get notified and could read/listen to the message at their free time.

Compatible with any device.

The Watchki smart-phone app is very easy to install on any phone device, and just requires login.


Watchki is actually a mobile phone and comes with a sim card.
It requires a voice/data/text plan, and we have 3 different plans to accommodate your needs.


GPS Location Tracking Only Plan - $9.99/month

This plan comes with only GPS features to track your kids whereabouts.
Rocket Biz

GPS & SMS Plan - $19.99/month

This plan comes with GPS for tracking as well as SMS Texting

GPS, SMS & Voice Plan - $29.99/month

This plan has it all – Data for GPS tracking, SMS & Voice for phone calls.

Define “Safe” / “Non-Safe” zones.

With Watchki you can define “safe zones” and it will alert you on your mobile phone whenever your kid leaves or enters those zones.

Now you can finally get notified when your kid leaves the school or playground area, with someone he shouldn’t; or perhaps goes to the pool area without supervision.

Watchki was designed for your peace of mind, and to fight the horrible Child kidnapings phenomenon.

To stop it, we strive to bring Watchki to every child in the world – thus for every purchase we get – we give a free watch to a low income family.

Slowly, we are making the world a safer place.

Built-In Pedometer.

Watchki let you accurately track your kids all-day activity in steps taken & encourages them to stay healthy.

Now you both have a cool stay-fit-watch – you can compete who is more active ! 🙂

Records & Logs.

Your smartphone app is always recording your child whereabout and let you see exactly where they’ve been all day, yesterday and a day before.

Simply enter a start date and an end date and Watchki will playback the exact track movements of your kids. No need to ask “where you’ve been all day?” anymore !

What color will you choose?

Watchki comes in 2 beautiful colors – let your kids decide !

Get In Touch !

Watchki is not a watch/Phone – it’s a subscription to safety !
Every watch is activated, configured & tested before shipping.
You just need put it on your kid & install the app – you’re done!

Have any requests or ideas?